Your number 1 secret weapon when marketing to high ticket prospects

Your number 1 secret weapon when marketing to high ticket prospects

One of the most common misconceptions about online marketing and affiliate sales in general is that audiences are basically one and the same. The idea is that if you know how to market to one group of people, you pretty much know everything you need to know to market to any group of people.

How I wish this was true. The problem with this assumption is that it is an assumption based solely on selling cheap stuff. If you’re selling $10 or $50 Amazon items, you can be easily forgiven for thinking that you just need to say the same message and make the same imposition your value proposition the same way to a wide range of audiences.

You can easily be forgiven in that context because you don’t know any better. And let’s face it, with everything else being equal, you probably would do decently with such an approach. It wouldn’t be banking like Bill Gates, but it would make decent income.

The problem with that approach, however, is that it will end up wasting your time, effort and talent. How come? Well, you put in all this time to learn the ropes. You pay your dues. You figure out how everything works. You step up and you learn how to sell to people using online content.

You learn how to drive traffic and you learn how to create a self sustaining sales system. So far, so good. But the problem is you can’t use this system and simply recycle it for high ticket sales prospects. They’re going to laugh at you.

High ticket audiences need a high ticket system

If you want to generate high ticket sales, you need to get into the minds of your prospects. These are not people who are looking to spend as little money as possible while getting maximum benefits. No!

These people are ready, willing and eager to pay top dollar for whatever it is you are offering. Whatever solution it is you bring to the table, they are willing to give you money that you thought was impossible.

Yes, it’s possible to make $10,000 per sale. Yes, it’s possible to make $100,000 per sale. The price tag is not really an issue with these people. They are too busy and they have too many things going on to nickle and dime you. This is the good news.

The bad news is you have to handle them the right way. You can’t use the same sales funnels that you use for people looking to buy $15 or $20 items. You have to make these people feel exclusive. You have to speak their language. You have to create a different kind of fantasy in their heads.

Let me be clear. When you’re doing any kind of selling, whether it’s online or offline, you are dealing with fantasies. You are creating some sort of illusion that gets your prospects to sign on the dotted line. This will always occur. This will always be the case. This is not going away anytime soon. How come?

Well, if you stripped all commercial activity to needs, it will turn out that humanity, as a whole, doesn’t need all that much. When you buy a low end Hyundai and you buy a Mercedes, you’re still buying a car. You’re still appealing to the same basic need of getting from point A to point B.

However, if you want to lock down the art of high ticket sales, you have to go beyond the basic need. People who buy a high end Mercedes are not simply looking to get from point A to point B. they’re looking to feel like a million bucks. They’re looking for respect. They’re looking to project to the rest of the world that they have arrived.

In other words, they have been rewarded by life with status symbols that are universally recognized. That’s why people will pay hundreds of dollars more for that Apple logo at the back of their laptop computer. This is the reason why people will pay tens of thousand of dollars more for the Mercedes brand on their vehicle.

But when stripped down to their bare essentials, a Mac notebook computes the same way as a run of the mill computer. The same goes with a car made by Hyundai or Toyota. They get you from point A to point B just like you would with a BMW or Mercedes.

You have to wrap your mind around this so you can create your secret weapon. This is the secret weapon that will enable you to land high ticket sales like clock work. What is your secret weapon? Your brand.

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