Your Mental Habits Dictate Everything About You

Your Mental Habits Dictate Everything About You

What if I told you that everything about you comes from your thoughts? You probably would think I’m crazy. You would probably ask what your haircut, choice of clothing, car, neighborhood, and body shape have anything to do with your thoughts. It’s too comforting to believe that the amount of money you make, how happy or unhappy you are, and your physical appearance are all products of forces beyond your control.
Maybe it’s your parents. Maybe it’s the abuse you suffered from as a child. Maybe it’s due to the fact that you come from a different country. You don’t speak the language. Maybe it’s because you suffered discrimination and prejudice early on. Well, the list is actually quite long. But the problem is, if we are all completely honest with ourselves, none of these explain our lives.

What if I told you that there are people with no limbs who are able to surf and swim?  What if I told you that there are blind people who can fly planes? So it’s neither the physical limitation nor is it low IQ. Instead, it is our mental habits that decide what we think we’re capable of. People put themselves in neat little boxes and inside this box, is the reality they allow themselves to live.  It houses the list of things that they’re able to do.  Outside of this box, you have the off-limit items.

These are the things they feel that they cannot do. These are the identities they feel do not belong to them. Well, this is all artificial. This is all a choice. Make no mistake, your mind dictates how happy or content you are and most importantly, how powerful you are in your life. And unfortunately, it’s too easy to develop mental habits that make us feel small, insignificant, and voiceless. We dismiss ourselves continuously as just another face in the crowd.

Talk about being sad and pathetic. It is unfortunate that this is the reality most people live. What if I told you that you have what it takes to become the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates?  You probably would laugh. You might even call me crazy. But the truth is, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates have two eyes, two legs, two arms just like you. In terms of hardware, you’re exactly the same. Maybe their skin color is different. Maybe they speak a different language than you.

But you can learn the language as well. The big difference between people is not hardware. The big difference is software, mental software that is. If you have the mental habit of pushing you to become the very best you can, and you cannot take no for an answer, the world then opens up to you. This is exactly the kind of mindset Steve Jobs had.

When Steve Jobs was building Apple computers from his parent’s garage, people were saying he was crazy, a clueless dreamer, a hopeless hippie. etc.  So, who’s laughing now? As the old saying goes, people who say they cannot do it should not interrupt other people doing it. I want you to understand the power of mental habits in your life and mark the ones you have. Whatever frustration you have, whatever struggles you’re going through, they can all be traced to your mental habits. Change them and you change your life.

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