Who Is The Number One Person Holding You Back?

Who Is The Number One Person Holding You Back?
Do you feel stuck in any area of your life? Do you feel that regardless of how hard you try, things never seem to change? Have you had this one dream in your life that somehow always escapes your grasp? Do you believe that you are capable of something more but you feel mediocre? You feel like you’re another face in the crowd and not living up to your fullest potential?

Well, if any of these questions apply to you, welcome to the club. All of us at some point, feel these things. And unfortunately, we get stuck because we do not face one of the harshest realities we can ever become aware of. What is this reality I’m talking about? I’m talking about the person that’s holding you back. That’s right. There is a person in this world who is preventing you from being completely happy, fulfilled, effective, and powerful.

This person constantly gets in the way when it comes to any form of success in your life. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your relationships, finances, education, or your career. This person is there right when you’re just about to have a milestone. This individual drags you back, holds you down, and keeps you miserable and frustrated.

Do you want to know who that person is? You’re probably upset at this moment. You probably want to give that person a piece of your mind. You probably might even want to beat that person up. Believe me, I understand where you’re coming from. But here’s the problem. That person is you, yes YOU. The only person in this world who can force you to live a life of mediocrity, struggle, frustration, and fear spells his or her name this way: Y-O-U. There’s nobody else to blame.

It is not the abuse you had as a child.  Nor is it the traumatic experience you had in your junior high school gym locker. The oppressive boss that made you feel like an idiot. It’s not him. Your mother who constantly nags you or insults you. It’s not her either. It’s definitely not your partner. It’s you. Because you have to understand that nobody can make you feel small, powerless, weak, and mediocre without your permission. The world will not have an effect on you if you don’t let it in.
The world is not going to force you to feel powerless if you don’t interpret its feedback in that way. It all goes back to you. A lot of people are uncomfortable with this reality and that’s why they come up with excuse after excuse to get out from this thinking. Here’s the thing. You need to step up and realize that you are giving yourself all these excuses to avoid putting in the work to reach grand success.  Until you do that, you will only feel small.

You will continue to struggle when it comes to paying the rent. You will continue to have one miscommunication after another with your loved ones. You will often find yourself misunderstood in the process.  That is why you have to step up. You have to slay that dragon of self-deception and all those internal illusions that you have chosen to believe in all these years. This is the real story of your life. Because nobody can hold you back without your permission.

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