Weaponize your Facebook Groups presence with a Facebook Messenger bot

Weaponize your Facebook Groups presence with a Facebook Messenger bot

Usually, when people think about Facebook Group marketing, they usually think about sharing a link to a post of their Facebook page. You really can’t blame people for thinking this way, because this is how Facebook Group marketing has been done for many years now. People keep doing this because it works.

For the longest time, this is a great way to sponge off traffic from a highly niche targeted and interest specific groups to niche-related blogs. You basically post on your Facebook page and you then click the link of that page post to your group post. Your group will then show a preview of your Facebook page post.

When people click on that link, they end up on your Facebook page, and from your Facebook page, it takes only a couple of clicks to get to your website. This is how people normally play the Facebook groups marketing game. The problem is this leaves a lot to be desired, it really does.

You’re not really building a brand. There are so many ways to be misunderstood. There are so many opportunities for there to be some sort of disconnect between the value you bring to the table and the brand that you are actually managing to build. It is no surprise that a lot of online brands are badly constructed.

It’s as if their target customers are the ones who are crafting the brand. It’s always a bad idea to let your target customers craft your brand. Who knows what they would come up with? Who knows what kind of prejudices and biases they have coming in? There’s just too much uncertainty out there. You really can’t roll the dice as far as your brand is concerned.

This is why it’s a good idea to take the bull by horns and be more proactive. Be more hands-on with the brand that you’re building for yourself on Facebook and other platforms. How do you do this? By simply choosing to weaponize your Facebook group’s presence with Facebook Messenger bot. That is how you play the game.

So when you share content on Facebook groups, they should lead back to your page. But once they’re on your page, you should make your Facebook Messenger link be the star of the show. You can call people to action in the article. You can call people to action in the post. You can post all sorts of graphics that highlight your Facebook Messenger chatbot.

Whatever the case may be, all attention must lead to your chatbot, because that’s how you convert them. That’s how you prove to them that they matter enough to you. That’s how you play the game. Otherwise, it’s too easy to just play the game to lose, seriously.

So if you want to know how to do this right, click here. You will get the blueprint that you would need to turn your Facebook Messenger chatbot into a lead generation machine.

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