Use Ads With Facebook Messenger Integration For Robotic Selling

Use Ads With Facebook Messenger Integration For Robotic Selling

Would you like to have your own robot salesperson? Wouldn’t that be awesome if somebody is basically selling for you, all day every day? This person doesn’t get tired. This person doesn’t go through any sort of personal drama. This person doesn’t want to start a union. This person doesn’t get hungry. This person doesn’t get tired. All it wants to do is sell sell sell on your behalf.

Isn’t that awesome? Isn’t that the best thing since sliced bread? Before you roll your eyes and dismiss all of this as fantasy, wait up. This already exists. The technology is here. I am of course talking about Facebook Messenger.

You may be thinking, “Facebook Messengers is just that weird icon on Facebook, and when you click it, you can see your contacts, and you can basically chitchat with them and not much else. You can share pictures, you can post files, but what’s the big deal?”

Here’s the thing; Facebook opened its Facebook Messenger architecture to allow for automation. In other words, you can turn Facebook messenger into a chat bot. Now, if you have been using dating apps like Tiner, you know that some of those hot-looking people are not people at all.

It turns out that when you swipe and you connect with them, they are basically robots trying to get you to go to another dating site. This is old technology, and a lot of this turns on the keywords that you plug into the chat interface.

If they detect a certain keyword, they would give you a certain script. If you change the keyword, or you talk about something else, they would then give you another script. The important thing about this is there is no actual flesh and blood human being behind that other “person.” It’s a robot, and you can scale that up to thousands of different conversations throughout the clock.

This is why chat bot technology is taking the world of digital marketing by storm. You save a tremendous amount of time, you can be in 1 million different places at the same time. What’s not to love? So do yourself a big favor. Regardless of how small your local business is, you can benefit Facebook Messenger automation. Here’s how you do it.

Incorporate your Facebook Messenger link in all your ads

The first thing that you need to do is to promote your local brand in the form of an ad that opens up Facebook Messenger. Usually, when people promote stuff on Facebook, when people click the ad, they go to a piece of content or some sort of conversion page.

The page would tell them “Why do you need to buy from us?” and they also give all sorts of information and details regarding a particular product that they’re offering. That’s how it normally works. But with Facebook Messenger, when people click, they go to a page that talks about how you can help them if they click Messenger, or you can open up Messenger automatically, and you can say, “How can I help you?” or “How would you like to save money on our offerings today?” There would be some opening details, but not much else.

In other words, you’re trying to mimic an actual conversation when somebody calls a support number. When the customer types in a keyword that your chat bot algorithm detects, the bot spits out a particular sales script. If they select another keyword, then the bot spits out another message.

The great thing about this is it helps people. Normally, when people engage with a chat bot, they’re actually looking for basic information; what are your hours? Do you have this type of product? I have a complaint. I want to return something.

And your bot will basically just give them this stock information so you don’t have to. Instead of hiring a call center in the in the Philippines, India or elsewhere, your automated Facebook Messenger chat bot would do it for you. And the best part about inbound content, is you can then follow up with a sales promo.

This is why Facebook Messenger chat bot is projected to put a lot of call-center workers out of work. This is all automated; this is the future. So make the future work for you by automating branding and the whole selling process using Facebook Messenger bots tied to your actual Facebook Messenger ad campaigns.

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