The worst way to engage on Twitter

The worst way to engage on Twitter

What is the worst way to engage influential users on Twitter? You may be surprised. A lot of people think that when you praise somebody or flatter them in some way, they would look at this as a positive thing. In reality, the opposite is true because when you do that, you’re not really separating yourself from the crowd.

If you think about it, if you were in a highly competitive niche, people who have managed to build a massive brand probably get messaged all day, every day. The vast majority of those messages are garbage. They’re basically being told how much of a genius they are or how awesome their posts were.

Well, here’s the problem. Since everybody else is doing that, what do you think will happen when you do the same? Your stuff won’t stand out because it will be the exact same thing as every other flattering message. Nothing is going to happen. You have to be distinctive and stand out from the crowd. You have to engage with these influential people in a different way.

At the very least, you should avoid engaging with them in such a way as to turn them off. Here are three ways to engage on Twitter that are guaranteed to turn anybody off.

Some people are more sensitive to this that others. The bigger the personality that you’re trying to reach out to, the less tolerant they will be. Think about it, they have a lot of offers and opportunities on the table. Their time is very precious. They really do not have the time to screw around with worthless engagement. Avoid these if you want to make a favorable impression with these individuals.

Pitch for guest posts immediately

If the first thing that you would tweet about is for this online personality to do something for you, then you are mistaken. You have gotten off on the wrong foot. You must understand that these people are not amateurs. They know how the game works. They’ve been around the block a few times and they know who’s the real deal and who’s a fake. 

When you pitch for a guest post immediately, you’re basically telling that person, “Hey, what can you do for me? Do something for me. Deliver some sort of value to my life.” Of course, the natural response to this is, “Who are you? I don’t owe you anything.” Do you see the problem here? You haven’t even proven yourself. The thing you have to do is make sure you earn people’s trust.

Unfortunately, insisting that they somehow benefit you right off the bat is definitely a bad move. Let’s put it this way. You would not want that done to you, so why would you want to do it to someone else?

You come off as a spammer or a scammer

Another screwed up way to engage with people on Twitter and by extension, the internet, is to come off as a spammer or a scammer. Basically, you’re offering all sorts of quick benefits right off the bat. It has to be clear to you that people don’t think that way. They think sequentially.

First, they’re going to ask who you are, why they should trust you and what you have to offer and if it’s the best compared to the other ones that they normally use.  I hope you’re catching on to how this train of thought proceeds. If you don’t, then you’re probably leaving a lot of important details out and it’s no surprise that these influential people on Twitter don’t trust you.

You have to understand that people are sick and tired of spammers and scammers. They’re all over the place. They waste a tremendous amount of time, effort and energy. It’s not shocking to see big personalities on Twitter expending a lot of effort trying to avoid spammers and scammers. These people do not like wasting their time and being misled.

Unfortunately, if you conduct yourself in such a way that you can easily be confused for a scammer or a spammer, then you brought it on yourself. Be aware that you have to, not only look legit, but you have to act like it as well.

Get on the radar first and engage

So what is the best way forward when it comes to proper engagement with highly influential people on Twitter? Well, it all boils down to paying your dues. I wish could say that it was otherwise, but this is the way it is. In fact, a lot of people are trying to run away from this. They are trying to look for some sort of quick, easy solution.

Unfortunately, the more you look for shortcuts, the worse you make things for yourself. The sad reality is that there really is no shortcut. You just have to do things the hard way. This means that you have to get on the radar first by sharing quality content that is directly related to your niche. It means truly engaging with highly influential people on Twitter until they end up liking you. That’s how you play the game. Otherwise, if you’re just looking for a shortcut, then you’ll probably end up failing.

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