The Go To Market Technique for Facebook Groups

The Go To Market Technique for Facebook Groups

Marketers may be familiar with the term ‘go to market’. It’s essentially a marketing technique that involves identifying precisely who your target audience is for your product or service, locating where they spend time, and then creating promotions and posts that those people will see. For instance, if you were to sell gardening implements, then you might identify that your target demographic is gardeners, and you might head over to ‘Gardener’s World’ magazine and pay for an advert in that glossy.

The result is that a huge number of the precise people who are likely to buy from you, will now see your product. That can of course result in a great number of sales.

How do you do this on the web? One option is to use social sharing sites and social networks. Groups and subreddits are popular options. Find the right subreddit for your topic and share a post in there, and if it is shared and upvoted enough times, then this can lead to that post being seen by hundreds of thousands of people – this can even potentially lead to vast numbers of sales.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t typically work out that way. What is actually much more likely to happen, is that you share your post on a subreddit, and it gets buried to the bottom. Why? Because it’s not a perfect match for that community. Worse, is that it might get completely removed from the site and you could even be banned from that community! The vast majority of online communities do not like it when you share content that is clearly self-promotional.

But that’s why it’s so valuable to consider creating your own social group. When you do this, you can firstly choose precisely the topics that you will be sharing. You might opt to create a group discussing the exact niche that you will be selling to. These people will be likely to be interested in what you have to offer, because you made sure the group would target the exact right people!

At the same time, you are the owner and that means that you get the ‘final say’ on the type of content that can be shared there. No one can deem that what you posted was inappropriate, and therefore you know your content isn’t going to get deleted.

Create a small Facebook group in the topic you are targeting, invite people, and then let it thrive and grow on its own. Then, when you are ready to, post about your product or service!

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