Increase Self-Belief With Visualisation

Increase Self-Belief With Visualisation

When you are confident about yourself and have 100% belief in your actions, it goes a long way in you moving up the ladder in life. Before taking any important decision in your life, you always wonder, what others would think of you if you don’t succeed, don’t you? Instead, it is more important to analyse how much you trust yourself with that particular decision. If you are convinced that what you are doing is right, you don’t have to justify yourself to anybody. It’s a wonderful feeling to feel very confident about your life. However, did you know that the way you think had the power to increase your self-belief?

The art of visualisation is very powerful for boosting self-confidence, according to motivational speakers and experts. When you see yourself in a particular position talking confidently to a group of people, there is a very high probability for you to believe that you can climb greater heights than before. Having a clear view of the big picture and being able to put yourself there, increases your chances of success. Here are some ways in which you can use visualisation to improve your self-confidence or self-belief.

  1. Put yourself in where you want to be in a few years

If you are a small boy who aspires to become a pilot when he grows up, you need to visualise yourself wearing the smart uniform of a pilot, flying a plane amidst turbulent weather and taking the passengers safely to their respective destinations. Imagine talking to the control rook about instructions and also have mental talks with your co-pilot on how you are going to plan your flight for the day. Visualise yourself living your life in a suitcase, travelling to different countries and living a busy but satisfying life. As you keep visualising, the urge to reach that position increases within you, and it will automatically boost your self-confidence.

  • Put yourself in your role model’s position

Are you a young cricketer who dreams of representing his country one day? Is Sachin Tendulkar your role model? You would have obviously watched his matches and techniques, but have you watched his body language closely? Watch out how he walks into the stand to the deafening noise of thousands of people chanting, “Sachin. Sachin..”. How does he conduct himself on and off the field? How does he interact with senior cricketers, media and everybody else? How does he react when his team loses? These are some of the points you have to follow. Now put yourself in the position of your role model. Change your body language and techniques to match of that your role model or father-figure. When you visualise yourself in a successful position, you are sure to build more confidence in yourself.

In short, visualisation is the technique of seeing the big picture and also putting yourself in the frame of the picture. This way, you can foresee the success that you are bound to experience many years later. When you imagine yourself as the next Sachin Tendulkar, you will only start working harder than ever to chase your dreams, with an increased belief in yourself.

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