If you’re doing this, you are wasting your time trying to sell online

If you’re doing this, you are wasting your time trying to sell online

I know it’s very easy to get excited about affiliate marketing. After all, the whole idea of passive income should excite most people. Most people make their money through active income. They show up to work, they punch a clock and they park their butt at work for 8 hours.

If they don’t physically show up or actively put in the work, they don’t make any money. It’s that simple. What if you found a way to make money even if you’re not working? This is not magical. This is not some sort of fantasy. It is an actual reality lived by many people throughout the world.

This is called passive income. Usually, people would put up a website and stock it with articles they wrote a long time ago. They worked on it once. But when people visit that website, like what they read and they clicked on ads, they might buy stuff.

When they buy Amazon products or ClickBank products or any other kind of affiliate product, the person who wrote those articles makes a commission. Repeat this hundreds, if not thousands of times, in a given year. Not too shabby, right?

Imagine working once, but making money many times over from the work you did. This is passive income and this is why people are excited about affiliate income.

The problem with affiliate marketing

It’s so easy to get so excited about the passive income benefits of affiliate marketing that we lose sight of a very important concept. We end up wasting a lot of our time trying to sell stuff online, generating traffic, buying traffic and putting in the work so we can make passive income later on. How come?

Well, you’re wasting your time if you’re clueless about the concept of return on effort. Return on effort is all about getting the most amount of money while putting in the least amount of work. You can commit this mistake trying to build passive income.

You put in a lot of work creating content or buying content and then publishing it online and promoting it. You put in a lot of work driving a sustainable source of traffic. So far, so good.

Here’s the problem. What if you could be making 1000 times the amount of money from that same investment of time, effort and energy? Wouldn’t you jump at that opportunity?

Sadly, this is one opportunity that too many affiliate marketers never take. They’re not even aware of it. Thanks to the fact that they’re clueless about the concept of ROE, they focus on building the exact same passive income systems as everybody else. They fight over crumbs. They chase after non-existent volume.

They generate a sale and it’s good for $5, $10, $20, even $200. But that’s all they get. What if you could be making $5,000 or $10,000 for the same amount of effort and time invested?

If you want to figure out how to do this, click here to download a blueprint that will enable you to tap the power of high ticket sales. It’s high time you get paid the maximum for the minimum amount of your time.

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