How to Pick Winning Curated Content for Facebook Page Marketing

How to Pick Winning Curated Content for Facebook Page Marketing

As I mentioned previously, one of the best ways to build up your Facebook page is to not come up with original content. At least, not in the beginning. You should look at your competitors’ Facebook pages and find their very best content.

You should then publish these pieces of content on your page and study your statistics very carefully. Which of your posts gets shared the most? Which ones get commented the most? Which ones get liked the most?

Once you’re able to figure out the specific pieces of content that get the most engagement, you should be able to see a larger pattern. You should be able to see that certain pieces of content simply draw a lot more attention. They engage your users more.

Your job then, is to pick out these winning pieces of content. You look for related or similar types of content and publish those on your site. Eventually, you come up with your own version. If you did it right, your engagement level will be the same as the materials produced by third party publishers. That’s how you will know that you’re doing this right.

How to pick the very best content

Now it’s one thing to say that you’re going to pick the best content your competitors have, it’s another to actually do it the right way. You see, the big danger here is you’re going to be using your opinion as to what “the best content” means.

I’m telling you, it’s not about you. People don’t care about what you like or don’t like. What they care about is what they like. It’s all about them. So, how do you use this as a winning strategy?

It’s actually very simple. You look at your competitors’ Facebook pages and scan through their posts. Which of their posts is the most popular? Which of their posts gets shared a lot, get the most likes, or get the most comments?

Pull the link for those posts and post those on your website. See if you get the same level of engagement. If you do this enough times with many different competitors’ contents, certain patterns emerge.

You would quickly realize that the audience you’ve built up, up to this point, are more likely to engage with certain types of content than others. You figure out what works and you ditch everything else. That’s right. You forget about them, you focus on the stuff that works, and then you scale them up.

You publish more of it and eventually, you come up with your own version. That’s how you play the game. It’s not a question of hunches or guesses. You have to look at objective indications of popularity such as page likes, comments, shares, and other types of engagement. I hope you see how this works. If you do this right, you will be able to put up a fairly compelling Facebook page that can lead to conversions later on.

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