How to Execute a Simple Instagram Marketing Plan for Personal Trainers

How to Execute a Simple Instagram Marketing Plan for Personal Trainers

Instagram can be used to sell literally anything, and is one of the most powerful and low-investment tools you can use in order to do so. The only issue, is that many people don’t quite understand how Instagram works, or how to accomplish this. How can a site where you post lots of images, with no links attached, possibly be used to sell anything?

To provide an example, let’s consider how a marketing plan for a personal trainer might work.

If you were a personal trainer selling online personal training courses, then your best strategy would most likely be to create a ‘personal brand’. That means turning yourself into the brand, by posting images of yourself training that can be used to demonstrate that you know your subject and that you have something to offer.

At the same time, these images should sell your value proposition, they should help people to imagine life with a six-pack/less extra weight, and thereby get them wanting to use your services.

To accomplish this, you should post pictures to Instagram regularly (about 3 times a day), including images of your workouts each day, of your meal plans, and of other aspects of your lifestyle. You might also share the odd story where you talk about things you’re doing.

Ideally, choose a sub niche within fitness – that could be powerlifting, functional fitness (which has the added bonus of being very trendy), or it could be fasting.

Each image you post should smartly use all 30 hashtags to create more opportunities for discovery. They should also include descriptions that provide useful tips and advice. This way, people will see a free demonstration of the kinds of knowledge you have. Think of this like a ‘free sample’ that will make the full taste seem all that more tantalizing a prospect.

Each of these posts should remind your audience that they can learn more by looking at your bio. In the bio, you will link to your personal training sales page, where you will make it extremely simple for people to sign up to the training that you’re offering, while also further telling them why they should.

Occasionally post about special offers and deals, and combine this with a website or blog for more in-depth information. Do all this, and an Instagram account can easily generate you large amounts of traffic and sales.

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