How The Personality Tests Destroy Your Mental Focus?

How The Personality Tests Destroy Your Mental Focus?
I remember the first time I read Sigmund Freud’s “Interpretation of Dreams”, I stayed glued from Page 1 onwards. You have to understand that there is a tremendous amount of seduction involved in Sigmund Freud’s work. After all, wouldn’t it be awesome to explain all the otherwise unexplainable phenomena of your life by just interpreting your dreams-stuff you can’t control?
By associating different symbols and elements of your dreams to some sort of dream vocabulary or glossary, an interpretation gets unlocked. Keep in mind that this interpretation doesn’t just focus on who you are, what happened in the past or what goes on in your life. Most people would get excited about the claim that dream interpretation can actually tell the future. Now, Sigmund Freud and his theories involving psychoanalysis, have been pretty much debunked.
In fact, I believe Sigmund Freud holds the title as the most discredited scientific authority in modern history. With that said, there’s still a tremendous amount of attraction to any kind of pseudoscientific test that leads to predictions about the future. Personality tests, whether it’s the Briggs Myers or more recent variations, have this element. The idea is, if you get a clear snapshot of who you are as a person, then you can make some ‘scientific predictions’ regarding how your life would turn out.
A personality test prediction typically works by projecting  how you think and what you plan to do about things into the future.  How likely are you to take advantage of opportunities? How do you normally respond when you meet people of the opposite sex? How do you get along with other people? How will you follow through with your plans?
People take all these and other related questions and read into them all sorts of predictions.  These include what they are capable of, what they are likely to do, and how their life would be like in the future. This is a problem. Because when you do that, you put all the focus on your perceived personality. And sooner or later, you give yourself a pass for not trying as hard. You say to yourself that given your personality type, everything will just fall into place.  That’s because somehow you will know how to figure things out. You’ll cross that bridge when you get there.
This is a very comforting lie we tell ourselves. In fact, a lot of people insist on telling this type of lie to themselves in many different forms. Ultimately, it gives us an excuse not to do the hard work that is necessary to acquire any kind of real success in our lives. After all, why do the hard stuff when you can do easier stuff, right? Make no mistake, achieving anything worthy in this life requires struggle, competition, and sacrifice. This was true in the past. It is true in the present and will still be true in the future. Beware of personality tests and other popular focus-destroying devices that take your eyes off the prize.

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