How Does Astrology Destroy Your Mental Focus?

How Does Astrology Destroy Your Mental Focus?

Astrology has been with us for a long time. It knows no culture and historical period.  In fact, variations of astrology are found in all cultures and historical eras. What is it about astrology that appeals to people all over the world regardless of race and origin? The answer is, illusion of control.

Think about it. Humans are lazy. They always take the path of least resistance. Also, human beings flock to pleasure and run away from pain. This is part of human condition and will always hold true. With this in mind, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand the appeal of astrology. When you believe in astrology, you place your faith in larger forces beyond your control.

You plan your life around these external forces and before you know it, the desired outcome becomes a reality. It doesn’t matter what it is. It could be the perfect wife, the perfect husband, the perfect job, a brand new car, a larger house, you name it.  As long as you plan your life around the impersonal and anonymous operations of this larger force, things will turn out according to plan. Well, at least, that’s the thinking.

You and I both know that horoscopes are fake. We know that astrology, for the most part, relies on generalities and coincidences that appeal to people’s need for certain results. In other words, when you read a horoscope, its effectiveness really flows from the fact that you are reading into it the interpretation or outcome that you want. That’s how horoscopes work. Astrology and all related practices, are very dangerous.  They’re dangerous because you will not have a life of victory, a life of dedication, and ultimately, a life of meaning.  Astrology destroys your mental focus.

That’s really what it does. Because instead of enabling you to tap into your personal power to change your present reality, astrology numbs you. It hides the truth from you. You think that there are all these impersonal forces such as alignment of stars and moon, that will eventually help you get what you want. You end up wasting all your time, focus, and energy on things that are not really going to help you. If you get any kind of result from astrology, it is due to a placebo effect. In other words, you get so pumped up about what you’re doing that you actually get stuff done somehow.

Unfortunately, the chances of that happening are very, very low. Most people simply act on blind trust. They just think that as long as the stars line up and their horoscopes say the right things, things will turn out. Talk about wasting your time. If you want a better approach to living a life of power, result, and purpose, click here. This book will guide you through the process of unlocking the tremendous all-natural power you already have to create the reality you want. Focus on developing the kind of personal power that does not rely on forces outside of you to make things happen.

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