Get Google to love your site with this one simple trick

Get Google to love your site with this one simple trick

I’m telling you, it’s getting harder and harder to get traffic from Google. It really is. Back in the day, you just have to target the right keywords and build a lot of links to your website using all sorts of shady means and you have yourself a nice, fat, three-figure, four-figure or even five-figure monthly income. You work once for a couple of hours and you can sit back and enjoy the gravy train.

That’s how easy it was to trick Google prior to 2012. Starting with 2012, the game changed. That year solved the launch of Google Panda and Google hasn’t turned back ever since. It has become harder and harder to trick with each and every algorithm update. I really can’t say I blame them. Their number one priority, of course, is to make sure that all their search results are relevant to their customers. Their loyalty is to their customers. That’s why they became successful.

You should do the same. Get into the heads of your target audiences and give them what they’re looking for. One of the best ways to do this is to give them high quality content. If somebody’s looking for baby shoes, get them to a page that will instruct them how to make the right decision as far as these pieces of merchandise are concerned. Seems pretty simple, right?

It all seems pretty straightforward and easy, but the problem is a lot of people focus so much on creating high quality content that addresses all sorts of issues for their audience members that they forget to sell that content. Let me tell you, even if your content gets wrecked on Google, if people do not click your link, sooner or later your ranking will fall. Thanks to Google latest algorithm, websites are actually punished or rewarded based on their click through rate. You want people to click your link and not your competitors’ once your links shows up.

How do you do this? Here’s one simple trick that I use. It’s actually composed of three things, but it all points out to getting people to click.

First, you need to look at your titles and make sure they don’t just mention your keyword. Don’t get me wrong, you should target keyword with your titles but they’re not the complete story. You have to also create an active sentence with your title that calls your searchers to action. Get them to take action on your title. Appeal to their needs, their fears, and their emotions. Do whatever you need to do to get them to click.

Another thing you can do is to make sure your descriptions give them part of the answer they’re looking for. If anything, you should throw them back the questions that they’re already asking in their minds. If people see that your content is described in terms of the questions they’re asking, they’re more likely to click through.

The next piece of advice involves what happens when they get on your website. The one simple trick I’m teaching you, which is to get people to click, is going to fall apart without this post click advice. You have to give people clear signals once that they are at the right page. In other words, you’re not going to beat around the bush and just give them a block of text that says nothing. Instead, when they land on your page, you will give them immediately what they’re looking for. But you tease them regarding more information.

If somebody is just looking for an answer to a question, chances are they have other secondary questions that they want to ask. Tease them with those secondary questions. That’s how you get them to stay on your page. The longer they stay on your website, the higher the chances that you’re going to make money from them. That’s how you play the game. However, to get all this going, you have to get them to click.

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