5 of the Best Ways to Generate More Leads Using LinkedIn Company Pages

5 of the Best Ways to Generate More Leads Using LinkedIn Company Pages

LinkedIn Pages, previously called Company Pages, are one of the last hidden marketing gems for businesses that are looking to expand online. With the new LinkedIn pages, you can grow your business and generate new opportunities and leads. Here are five of the best way to use LinkedIn Pages to generate more leads and increase sales.

Add a Call to Action

Now that you can publish posts on LinkedIn Pages; you need to be sure to include a call-to-action on every piece of content that you publish on the networking platform. This doesn’t mean you need to add a sales pitch, but rather provide a request for what you want your audience members to do next. This could be asking them to post comments or questions or ask them to share the post with their connections.

Nurture Relationships with Your Personal Brand

We, as consumers, tend to buy from people and companies that we like and trust, which is why it is crucial for your business not only to consider how you can leverage LinkedIn Pages but also build a strategy for your personal brand that will enhance your business efforts.

Embrace Native Video

LinkedIn video is currently trending, but it can be intimidating for businesses that have never utilized video before. The good news is that unless you are selling video production services, the videos you create for your company page don’t have to be perfectly stylized productions. When you use candid, creative, and fun videos to promote your business, your followers feel like you are speaking directly to them. So don’t be afraid to use your smartphones and imagination to engage with your target audience.

Share Your Customer Stories

One of the most common kinds of content that are posted on LinkedIn Pages is customer testimonials. While this is a great way to prove that your company is competent, it’s also important to look beyond the text testimonial. One way you can accomplish this is by sharing a before and after, highlighting the improvements your business has made in the lives of your customers.

Use Showcase Pages

You can serve different segments of your target audience by creating showcase pages. Showcase pages are niche pages of a larger corporate brand. You can create different pages to showcase various products, or you can create pages that cater to different buyer personas.

By adding the right elements to your LinkedIn Pages, you will find yourself on the right path for building your brand presence on LinkedIn, which can lead to generating more leads for your business.

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