4 Things That You’re Doing That Could Be Hurting Your Membership Site

4 Things That You’re Doing That Could Be Hurting Your Membership Site

Once you’ve gotten through the initial period of getting your membership site up and running, the bad habits will start to creep in. Unfortunately, those bad habits can lead you down a rocky road regarding the long-term success and health of your membership site. While the effects of your bad habits won’t be immediately felt, but after a time they can really hurt your bottom line. Here are five things that you might be doing that could be damaging your membership site.

Only Focusing on the Money

If you are just starting a membership website because you think that it will unlock untold riches for zero effort, then you are doomed to fail. You can’t be successful if all you care about is the money then a membership site might not be for you. With a membership site, you are expected to show up and serve your members. You need to be willing to be a part of your community and help your members get results.

Becoming Complacent

Complacency is a killer for membership sites because when you start taking things for granted, you end up taking your foot off the gas. This will eventually lead you to run out of steam, running out of momentum, and your members and business are suffering for it. If you find that you have some free time on your hands, be proactive, and batch produces content for the next six months or take the time to improve your skill set. If you’re making more money than you expected, consider hiring some staff to take care of your members better. Whatever you do, resist the urge to become complacent.

Making Changes for the Sake of Making Changes

Making changes to your membership website for no good reason could be extremely detrimental to your membership. Making unneeded changes can pull you away from the tasks that you really should be doing. It also means that your site is always in flux, which can make your members extremely uneasy. If you find yourself continually making changes to your site, make sure that they are backed by solid reasoning.

Being Unreceptive to Feedback

Believing that only you know what is best for your membership site can be extremely detrimental. If you are hearing some of the same complaints coming up time and again, and you see repeated themes and issues in the feedback you receive, then you may need to make some changes. While you know your business best, it is important to remember that your site should be addressing your members’ needs.

Eliminating these four bad habits will help you keep your membership site growing and help it become successful.  

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