3 Ways to Keep a Steady Flow of Content to Your Facebook Group

3 Ways to Keep a Steady Flow of Content to Your Facebook Group

Facebook groups are highly powerful marketing tools that can allow you to build an extremely engaged and loyal audience – perhaps moreso than other options such as Facebook pages.

But while a Facebook group is unique in the way it often gets used, it still requires content and discussion to provide value. People came to your group because they wanted to discuss a subject they’re passionate about and learn more about it. If the group is empty, then they’ll leave.

How do you keep your Facebook group full of great content? Here are three excellent options.


One of the best ways to use a Facebook group is to share content you find on the web that you think your audience will be interested in. Ideally, this should be the kind of ‘higher caliber’ content that only those that are extremely well-versed in the subject matter would be interested in – the kinds of stuff that your shallower blog might not share.

But where to get this highly engaging and fascinating content? The answer is to dedicate some time each day to researching topics. And one of the best ways to go about that is to head over to BuzzSumo ( Here, you can type in any niche and get a selection of posts that are trending on social media on that topic. This is an amazing strategy, because it lets you find content that you already know is capable of performing well on the platform.

Another option is to sign up to other similar Facebook groups and pages and to use those for inspiration.

Allow Posts From Members

There are many different settings you can tweak in your Facebook group. One is to decide to allow members to post to your group or not. You can alternatively allow posts but require that all said posts are approved by a moderator.

By allowing posts, you empower your members to share content and start discussions, thereby ensuring a steady flow of new content and information!

Use Post Scheduling

Did you know you can schedule posts on Facebook? Write the post as you normally would, but instead of hitting post, hit the small clock icon next to that button. This way, you can choose when the post goes live.

If you know you’re going to be busy, then spend a day researching great content and then just set it to go live at set intervals.

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