The big downside to selling turnkey assets

Please understand that turnkey assets don’t just refer to websites. While a lot of people are understandably assuming that turnkey online assets mean websites, there’s actually all sorts of other things that you can sell on a turnkey basis.

You can sell an online auction site. That’s a turnkey asset. You can sell an online exchange. You can even sell classified ads websites. Turnkey assets have many different forms. They definitely have many different functions.

But what they all have in common is the fact that they are not, in the strictest sense of the word, operating. For an online asset to operate, it must generate traffic. That’s how I define it. That’s how a lot of experienced veteran website buyers define it as well.

Just how important is traffic? Well, when was the last time you drove a car without putting gas in the tank. I would venture to guess that you haven’t ridden or driven a car without gas. It’s downright impossible. Well, the ‘gas’ of websites is traffic. If a site doesn’t attract traffic it has no way of ever making money much less turning a profit.

It also can be interpreted as profitable or converting. If you define operational websites along these terms, then you’re taking things to the next level. You’re also highlighting the big downside to selling turnkey assets.

While there are many people out there that are willing to take your turnkey online asset off your hands regardless of whether it’s a blog, an exchange site, a platform site, some sort of service site or a classified website, there is a big caveat here. It has to be in the right niche.

In other words, you have to sell turnkey assets that people would actually want to buy. You may be thinking that this is a basic thing. You may be thinking that this is so elementary that it’s almost common sense. Well, I’m telling you. On the internet, common sense is not so common. In fact, it’s quite rare.

You would think that people who spent quite a bit of money on Fiverr building turnkey assets would have at least this preliminary issue covered beforehand, you might want to think again. This is why a lot of people who try their hand at building turnkey assets actually fail.

They did not do the proper research. They did not focus on things that actually sell. Instead, they get so excited about the idea of taking cheap Fiverr services and rolling them up to produce assets and then turning around and selling those assets for ten times or twenty times or even fifty times the amount of money they spent getting those assets created in the first place.

If you’re tired of they hype and you want to wrap your mind around the reality, click here. You will know the downside to selling turnkey assets and you will know how to work around it. At the very least, you would know enough to follow the steps you need to take to achieve success selling turnkey assets.

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