3 Reasons Why You Must Have a Niche for Your Online Business or Blog

3 Reasons Why You Must Have a Niche for Your Online Business or Blog

When you’re thinking about starting an online business or blog, it is critical that you take the time to define your niche. Niche marketing involves focusing your business marketing efforts on a small, well-defined group of the population so that you can better serve them. When you can serve your target audience well, you’ll enjoy success in your business. However, this isn’t the only reason why you need to define your niche; here are three more reasons for deciding on a niche for your business.

You Get to Do What You Love

Narrowing down your product and service offerings allows you to address your target audiences needs and better meet them, but it also allows you to focus your time and energy on those aspects that you love the most. This can be incredibly helpful for making improvements to your business and will allow you to produce your best work. No matter what industry you are currently working in, there are many subgenres within the market that you can branch out, allowing you to find something that you love.

You Build your Reputation as an Expert

Defining a niche market can be beneficial to your business in terms of reputation because you can become known for a more specific kind of product or service. When you narrow down, your niche customers are more likely to remember what you excel in and will be more likely to refer you to others who are looking for your particular product or service. If you spread yourself to thin and try to be everything to everyone, you are less likely to succeed.

It Becomes Easier to Form Industry Relationships

Narrowing down your business to a single niche can help you network and collaborate with companies in similar markets. When you focus your time and energy on promoting a specific niche in your industry, rather than offering everything, it becomes much easier for you to reach out to others in your field and form beneficial partnerships. By narrowing down your offerings, you are more likely to complement other businesses rather than creating competition with them.

If you haven’t already narrowed down your business to a single niche offering, these three reasons should show you why it’s imperative. When you can narrow down and define your niche, you can better serve your target audience and build a successful online business or blog.  


Seniors’ Quick Guide to Avoiding Online Work from Home Scams

Seniors’ Quick Guide to Avoiding Online Work from Home Scams

Senior fraud is serious problem in the United States. There are many criminals who habitually target senior citizen for all sorts of financial fraud, scams and rip offs. I’m not necessarily talking about stock scams, although they are quite prevalent and widespread. I’m talking about something fairly banal like aluminum sidings, repair from homes and other service-based scams.

These scammers would consciously and intentionally target senior citizens because they are under the impression that these segment of our population is more gullible and easier to trick. For whatever reason, senior fraud results in the loss billions of dollars every single year. It is a serious problem.

I wish I could tell you that this issue is restricted primarily to offline scams. I wish I could tell you that this is just a simple matter of boiler room stock, a fraud, or door-to-door service reps misleading and deceiving senior citizens as they make their pitches.
Instead a lot of these scams actually operate online. There are many email scams. I’m sure you are familiar with Nigerian prints scams or unlocking a secret bank account type of email scams.
But aside from those, there are also scams that involve teaching senior citizens to make money through work from home programs. If you don’t know what to look for, it’s very easy for you to get tricked. At first brush, a lot of these look fairly legit. They have a testimonial. They list out how the process works. They even have videos that explain how everything plays out and it seems like these work from home programs are actually real.
Well, it turns out that these scams have certain things in common. If you detect any of these, chances are you are looking at something that is too good to be true.

Feature #1

They claim to pay you a ridiculous amount of money for work anybody could do

If you come across an ad that says that they will pay you $200 to stuff envelopes, you know that there’s an almost certain chance that you are looking at scam ad. I mean think about it, anybody can fill out an envelope. It doesn’t need an advance decree. It doesn’t even take a high school diploma. So what’s the catch? This is a dead giveaway. If they framed the work from home opportunity in terms of something anybody can do, be suspicious.

Factor # 2

You have to pay for training

One of the oldest scams involves some sort of training program. They tell you that you can make money easily on the internet and it is so quick and so easy but you have to spend 75 bucks in a book to get the proper training. That is a classic scam. Because if this is easy, then why not just a blog post? Why not just an online graphic site with ads on the site? In other words, give the information. Why do people have to buy a book?

Factor #3

They try to get you to sign up to a list

This is one of the common online work from home scams. Basically, they trick you to thinking that they will give the information that you need to work from home for a lot of money. They say that it’s free but the catch is you have to join the mailing list. Sure enough, if you join the mailing list, then you download the book, it’s the most disappointing thing you’ve ever read. It talks a good game, it overpromises but ultimately it lets you down.

Unfortunately, you forgot that you signed up to the mailing list to access this worthless product. What do you think happens next? That’s right! After a few weeks, you got an email pitching some sort of other scam and you disregard that and then before you know it, after another week passes, you get another email. You basically signed up to an affiliate marketing mailing list and believe me, you’re going to receive email after email until you unsubscribe.

So do yourself a big favor, click the unsubscribe button if that doesn’t work, report the email to Gmail or email platform. If they are very abusive, Gmail will ban them from their system.  Be on the look for these scams, because it’s very easy for people to get tricked online. You don’t necessarily have to be a senior citizen. A lot of these scams are run by determined organizations who would not hesitate to resort to all sorts of coercive, abusive and manipulative behavior to separate people from their hard-earned money.

To learn how to build legit online businesses so you can avoid lucrative sounding scams, click here. You will download a blueprint that will help you build, market and maintain solid online business. It is written specifically for senior citizens. It cuts out the fluff. It’s very easy to understand and it focuses on building real businesses that people can actually benefit from.


The Damaging Negativity of “I Don’t Mind

The Damaging Negativity of “I Don’t Mind”

Many of us will answer “I don’t mind” to a vast array of questions. From what we want for dinner, for what we want to do.

The reason that most of us will say ‘I don’t mind’ a lot is probably because we think it’s the more pleasant response when posed with a question. Rather than forcing everyone to do what we want, we instead pretend that we don’t have an opinion in order to ensure that everyone else is happy.

How sweet.

On other occasions you can’t decide what to do for best and don’t want the responsibility of making the wrong choice, so you say ‘I don’t mind’ thereby giving someone else the job of making that decision. 

Actually though, this tends not to be how things play out. For starters, there’s a very real chance that everyone will say they don’t mind, which then slows things down and prevents you from making any progress and usually results in one of the worst outcomes. Now you’ve just inconvenienced everyone else and ended up doing something that no one wanted to do… great! 

Another danger is that you end up seeming disinterested, like you don’t care about the question enough to give an answer. That’s pretty annoying when someone is offering you a hot drink… 

Alternatively you say you don’t mind, the other person then gives their opinion, and so you default to doing what they want instead. That then means that you don’t get to do what you wanted to do, and in some scenarios you may even end up resenting them for that. Which is pretty nuts really when you failed to provide an alternative option… 

The other problem is that when you say you don’t mind, it appears as though you have no opinion or are just completely indecisive. This may come as a surprise to you, but that’s actually not something that people consider particularly attractive. Keep saying I don’t mind and pretty soon you’ll come across as ‘wet’. Want more respect? Then learn to make at least the tiniest decisions – such as whether you’d rather have orange juice or apple juice. 

Here’s the worst part: if you keep saying “I don’t mind” then you might well come across as though you don’t feel you value your own opinion enough to share it – or that you don’t feel you’re entitled to a vote.

This can eventually change the way that others see you, and even lead you to actually believe that about yourself.

Speaking Your Mind 

‘I don’t mind’ is essentially conflict avoidance taken to the extreme, and if you don’t stop it now, then you’ll possibly find yourself coming off worse in the vast majority of discussions and looking completely incapable of making decisions. 

And the crazy part is that there’s actually nothing impolite at all about speaking your mind and saying what you’d prefer. Just make sure you make it clear that you’ll potentially go along with another decision and don’t be too forceful with your opinion. Instead of ‘I don’t mind’, try: ‘I’d prefer we had the lasagne tonight, but I’m open to other options’. There you go, that wasn’t so hard was it? 


Senior Citizens’ quick guide to buying and selling online businesses

Senior Citizens’ quick guide to buying and selling online businesses

I’m not going to mince words here. It’s very easy to lose money on the internet. You may be thinking to yourself, “How am I losing money? I just put up a blog and I did not lose any dollars putting up a blog. I just sat down and wrote article after article and for whatever reason things didn’t work out but at least I am not out of cash. I’m not out of pocket so how am I possibly losing money with my failed blog business?”

Well, think about it this way. You can’t be in two places at once. This means that when you pick one activity and you don’t make money off of it, you basically missed out on the opportunity to pick another activity that makes more money. You see how this works?

This is called an opportunity cost and unfortunately, this is the most common way people lose money online. They simply pick the wrong enterprise to invest their time, effort and focus on. This really is a tragedy because a lot of senior citizens have so much to offer. They have a wealth of experience, they have a lot of specialized knowledge, they definitely want to help other people; but the problem is they end up finding themselves barking at the wrong tree. For whatever reason, they end up setting up a wrong business and they failed. To avoid this tragedy, I want you to look at one particularly powerful way of making money online.

Buying Low and Selling High: Flipping Online Businesses

Have you ever watched those home flipping shows on cable? There are lots of people in the United States who buy beat up homes, renovate them and sell them for hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit. These are called flippers. Depending on the initial state of the home that needs renovation; they can stand to make quite a bit of money. This is a very lucrative business to be in.
Of course, the downside of flipping is you have to have a lot of cash coming in. You have to understand in the United States you have to put up 20% of the home’s value to get the bank to loan you the rest. That’s how most home are bought in the United States. Accordingly, flipping is a capital intensive business.

Did you know that you can do the same online without spending as much cash? This is called online business flipping. There are many blogs out there are already making money. Maybe they are making a hundred dollars a month. Maybe they are pulling in five hundred or sometimes even several thousand dollars.
For whatever reasons, their owners are selling them. Now with much less cash, than buying a physical home, you can buy this online businesses, renovate them and make some strategic changes so as to increase their effectiveness. Once you have whipped them into shape, you can then sell them at a big profit.

Personally speaking, I’ve seen flippers buy a website that was making $10 a month for 500 bucks and then turn it into a website that’s generating $500 or even thousand of dollars a month and sell it for $25,000. In other words, you get the massive returns of home flipping without the gigantic of front capital costs. Excited yet? You should be. This is a very lucrative business.

The Secret to Buying and Selling Online Businesses

The secret to this game is developing the ability to pick the right properties to buy. Pass the bottom line. Because there lot of professional builders out there. These people just build one website after the other. They’re just cranking out all these websites like their commodities. You need to avoid those people. Those people will ask for top dollar up front. And often times they set up their websites in such a flimsy way that you actually have to pour a lot of resources to make that website generate real money.
The better approach is to look for websites that are not advertised on flipping sites. These are websites that are not actively being sold by their owners but you can tell that these websites are floundering. The content is not being updated. When you look at their SEO backlinks, they’re not getting much traction from the rest of the internet. When you look at their traffic ranking on Alexa, they’re struggling.

Approach these businesses and offer a fair price for the website. Usually in many cases, $500 should do the trick. You see a lot of these websites are barely staying alive. It’s as if the owner is just hanging on to them for purely emotional reasons but those reasons are getting weaker and weaker every time they have to pay for hosting costs and domain renewal fees.

If you come up and ask to buy a website for $500 bucks, you’d be surprised as to the quality of the site that you are getting. Everything is organic, the person didn’t use software to build the site and to generate back links. All you need to do is employ basic SEO, social media marketing to build up its traffic base. Maybe you can change its affiliate product so it can make more money with its ads.

Whatever you need to do, do it to level up the effectiveness and conversion value of that website. After it’s generating far more than its normal monthly revenue sell it through affiliate marketing forums.  This is the key. Don’t sell it to professional exchangers like Flippa. You’re going to get eaten alive because a lot of those people are professional buyers. They know how to lowball their sellers.
Instead, sell it through affiliate marketing platforms where people who actually make money are hanging out. You’d be surprised and pleased to discover that a website that you bought for $500, can be flipped for $50, $20, or even $25,000. That’s how lucrative it can be.

To get the insights, on how online marketing can help senior citizens turn their spare time into spare cash, click here. The framework that you will be getting enables you to pretty much sell anything online. It also walks you through the process building a successful online businesses.


Seniors’ Quick Guide to Selling Physical Services over the Internet

Seniors’ Quick Guide to Selling Physical Services over the Internet

Did you know that you can sell physical services on the internet and make good money? You can do this as a business owner. You don’t have to do the actual services yourself unless of course you have the time and you reasonably healthy enough to provide these services directly. Whether it is woofing, gardening, painting or any kind of service around the house, you can make money off it.

The problem with physical services

One of the biggest problems with offering physical services in any part of the United States is that a lot of local players are simply invisible. Now, in big municipal centers like San Francisco and Los Angeles, there are a lot of online ads for these services.
But if you go to the suburbs or better yet the countryside, these services are few and far between and the ones that do manage to advertise really aren’t all that distinctive. They don’t really jump out at you. They really don’t communicate their value proposition in clear and distinct terms. This really is too bad because there’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

Knowing this, senior citizens can earn good money offering gardening and painting and other home related services, as a service aggregator. What does that mean?

Basically, you create an online agency where you collect leads from a particular region or a specific area and then you farm out the work to actual physical service providers. You can run ads on Facebook or other social media platforms for gardening services. You can put the word out for local plumbing services and get leads that way. Whatever service category you are interested in, you can easily own that vertical, if you know you way around online marketing.
The best part to all of this is that by being some middle person you will be able to connect suppliers with buyers and earn a premium each and every time. This can translate to several hundred thousand dollars every single year. And it all boils down to having the right website, having the right marketing plan, and also being systematic and methodical.

There’s nothing intuitive about it

The worst thing that you can do is to just jump in with both feet and put up a website and somehow some way think that people would beat a path to your website. It doesn’t work that way. It’s not that easy.

You see there are tons of websites out there trying to do what you are trying to achieve and most of them are failing. In fact, most of them are almoste invisible because they are just doing such a poor job marketing whatever it is that they’re promoting. You have to approach this situation with the right plan from the get go otherwise you’re just wasting time.

If you’re a senior citizen looking to convert your spare time into cold hard cash, being a service broker is one of the most effective ways to do so. You have to understand that regardless of where you live in the United States, Canada or elsewhere, people are going to still need gardeners.

People are still going to have trees on their backyards that needs trimming. They’re still going to have plumbing issues. They are still going to have roofing problems every once in a while. And these physical services can cause thousands of dollars per service visit. Sure it’s physical, sure it’s manual services but who can find basic providers for these. They key is to stand in the middle so you can make bank of connecting demand with supply.

To do this right on day 1, click here. You will download a framework that will enable you to market effectively on the internet. It’s our senior citizen’s guide to make you money online which educates you about all the different ways senior citizens can make money off the internet. It also gives you basic tips on how to promote your business so you  can turn your spare time into spare dollars.


Seniors’ Quick Guide to Graphics Design Success

Seniors’ Quick Guide to Graphics Design Success

There’s a common misconception on the internet regarding graphics design. The idea is that, since people from low wage countries can crank out high quality graphics then American graphics designer or Western European graphics designer are basically out of luck. The idea is that, these skills are somehow commodities. The assumption is just because somebody can do a particular type of work in a low wage country, this means that the value of this type of work in a developed country like the United States necessarily has to go down.

I can see why people think this way. They think that this is a simple case of buying commodities. Well unfortunately, there’s a big difference between buying corn or rice in a market and buying graphics design. You see, you can talk to 2 different graphics designers and tell them to come up with a vector graphic of a coffee cup.

Let me tell you, the resulting work product can be different like day and night. It all boils down to creativity, experience and yes, cultural awareness. You see, Americans have a cultural preconception regarding graphics design just as Filipinos, Indians, Canadians, New Zealand people, Hong Kong people. You name it. And a lot of people who say that a graphics design is a commodity are completely clueless about this.

This is why they overlooked the fact that there are still graphics designers in Canada who make north of a hundred thousand dollars a year. There are still senior citizen graphics designers in the United States who make 6 figures.

All of this is happening despite the fact that there is this misconception that somehow, some way graphics design is some sort of dead end. Vocation. It isn’t. It all boils down to cultural sensitivity, experience and yes, personal creativity.
Make no mistake. Just because somebody is a graphics designer, doesn’t mean that that person will produce the kind of graphics you’re looking for. If they are lousy, if they have no imagination, they don’t have passion for what they are doing, you can bet that their output will be disappointing. On the other hand, if you know that somebody really knows their stuff and they have a tracker for producing really beautiful graphics that are engaging and will withstand the test of time, there will always be demand for their work. In this case, there is such a thing as inelasticity.
This is an economics concept saying that the demand for a certain item doesn’t really turn on the price. It turns on competence. It turns on intangibles.

Factor # 2


If you establish reputation for yourself, as a graphics designer that is able to come up with something new or something that truly hits the spot each and everytime you produce, your reputation will sooner or later precede you.

In other words, people will pay a premium just for your graphics. This is why it’s a good idea for senior citizens looking into getting into outsourcing graphics design to wrap their minds around these 2 factors. Don’t let common misconceptions about online graphics design services scare you off.

You don’t have to automatically get depressed and conclude that your skill set is essentially worthless or you just wasted years of your life becoming a top notch graphics designer. It all boils down to building a brand. It all boils down to marketing. It all boils down to getting your brand in front of the right eyeballs at the right time to produce the right kind of contracts. In other words, it’s about visibility and not just technical proficiency or having the right skills.

To get the insights on how to market your specific graphics design brand so you can command a premium, click here. Senior citizens can and do earn a good living from online graphics design work. However for this to happen they have to have a system and a plan. You have to be able to do it systematically and methodically.


Seniors’ Quick Guide to Online Consulting Success

Seniors’ Quick Guide to Online Consulting Success

Did you know that people are willing to pay you top dollar for your knowledge? I know it seems so hard to believe but the online consulting industry is worth billions of dollars and continues to grow year after year. The truth is businesses start all over the world and they’re looking for expert knowledge. The problem is a lot of these materials cannot be found online for a variety of reasons.

Also people are looking for actual consultants that they can reach out to and talk to on a one to one basis. They feel that can easily pick the brain of somebody that they’re talking to so that the information they get is neatly tailored to whatever problems they may have. In other words, it’s not much different from hiring somebody to visit your worksite so they can guide you through certain issues that you are struggling with.

The only difference here is that you’re doing it through Skype, Google hangouts and some sort of online platform like Whatsapp. On the other end of the equation, senior citizens can make good money offering consulting services. These companies can come from Western Europe, Canada, United States, Australia and New Zealand and all points in-between.

The secret to making money with online consulting boils down to 2 key factors:

Factor #1

Skills Specialization

I’m sorry to be the one to break this to you but if your skill is possessed by most people in this planet, you probably are not going to make much money as an online consultant. Seriously, if your skill is to look stuff up on Google, anybody can do that. If your skill is to write in English, I’m sorry to report but there are many places in the world like the Philippines, Nigeria, Kenya, Bangladesh, India, where there are millions of people, literally millions of people who speak English as their second language.

Accordingly, there is a race to the bottom as far as those skill sets are concerned. If you want to succeed in the world of online consulting, you have to offer really specialized skill sets. I’m talking about specialized programming, legal knowledge, specialized consulting, backed up by dozen of years of experience, business law, specialized type of research or medical knowledge.

Whatever the case maybe, the more specialized your body of knowledge is, the more dollars its worth. It really all boils down to the iron law of economics. It’s all about supply and demand – the higher the supply, the lower the demand, the lower the price. On the other hand if you flip the script and the supply is very tight and limited but the demand is crazy, then the price goes up astronomically. That’s never going to change nor is it going to go away. So do yourself a big favor, if you want to get into the lucrative world of online consulting, pick the right skill set.

The good news is the internet has many resources where you can pick up the skill set. If you want to learn how to code, you can go to Code Academy. If you want to learn how to do a certain type of consulting, you can go to

Factor #2


I don’t know about you, but the first time I used legal services, I was referred to a lawyer by a friend of mine. However, it turns out that the guy didn’t really know what he was doing. So I was fairly frustrated with the legal services and I swore off lawyers for a long time.
Well, finally, I went to a seminar and I saw that there were these lawyers who kept talking about this attorney, who basically was revolutionizing a particular segment of the legal industry. This person had a tremendous reputation. So when I faced some legal issues of my own I knew who to talk to and guess what? He delivered. In fact, he over-delivered.

The reason why I raised this story with you is because it highlights the power of branding. Reputations don’t come out of nowhere. People will only develop a reputation in a particular industry because they know what they’re doing. They are able to do the right things at the right time with the right people to produce the right outcome. That’s tremendous amount of competence and we’re not just talking about being able to do the job but they are able to do the job consistently.

And this is why, if you want to earn top dollar as an online consultant, you have to develop that kind of reputation. The good news is it’s actually easier than you can realize by simply writing a lot of articles, getting invited to speak at symposiums, conventions and networking event. You can make your personal consulting brands stand out.

Make no mistake, even if you are only able to distinguish your brand a little bit from the competition that can mean a lot. It can justify charging $200 per hour instead of being stuck with the industry standard of $25 per hour or less.

To get the inside scheme on how to succeed in the often competitive world of online consulting services, click here. You will download the only guide senior citizens need to market their online business so they can earn substantially from the internet.


Seniors’ quick guide to online tutoring success

Seniors’ quick guide to online tutoring success

Usually, when we think about tutoring, we think about people in an actual university or high school. We think about physical buildings, bureaucracies and some sort of chain of command. This is bureaucratic, structural and formal tutoring.

But did you know that thanks to the internet, people from all over the world can come to you to get expert tutoring help? That’s right! You can turn your Skype connection or Google Hangouts access into US dollars. Welcome to the world of online tutoring.

Just like with any other kind of skills building program, however, it all depends on how specialized the content is. Even though you are going to be helping people on a one to one basis using a webcam, the value of the tutoring experience still turns on the content being exchanged.

You’re sharing your experience. You’re teaching somebody how to do certain things. You’re sharing key pieces of information with another person through the internet. But throughout all of this, the amount of money they’re willing to pay depends on the perceived value of the information.

It’s all about the law of supply and demand

Just like with anything else, if you are offering something that anybody can basically offer, then you are dealing with a commodity business. In other words, what you have to offer is not really all that different from what somebody else has to offer.

It’s as if you’ve seen one, you’ve pretty much seen them all. So, in that case, the only point of difference really is price. This is a serious problem because if you’re going to be offering tutoring services and the only people are interested in is price, it’s easily going to be a race to the bottom.

People will offer cheaper and cheaper rates and before you know it, you’re making less than minimum wage. I’m sure as a senior citizen, you are looking for something more lucrative. I’m sure you’re looking to maximize the value of whatever spare time you want to invest in this kind of venture.

This is why it’s really important to zero in on the most crucial key to success in online tutoring.

Your key to success: branded specialization

I’m not just talking about specialization. It would be great if you’re a lawyer and you are helping law students quickly understand basic legal concepts. It would be awesome if you’re a doctor and you’re helping people get into medical school as well as helping them with their first year in that system.

But outside of that, you should also develop a brand. You may think that the information you share is specialized already. After all, you got an MBA, you got a PHD or you went through some sort of specialized training program. Big whoop.

Remember, in the United States, there’s hundreds of thousands of doctors. There’s more than a million lawyers. In may developing countries, there are millions of lawyers and doctors. A lot of them can speak English.

You have to look beyond just the specialized knowledge you have. Maybe it’s engineering. Maybe it’s computer programming. Maybe it’s some sort of molecular cell biology. You have to look beyond that specialized body of knowledge and focus on branding as well.

This is where online marketing comes in. When people see that you have a specific brand associated with a specialized form of knowledge, they start preferring you. Maybe they think you explain concepts better. Maybe they think you’re more approachable. Maybe they think you are more competent than the next guy.

Whatever their perception may be, in the world of online marketing, perception is reality. So when you market yourself, look to create a personal brand and this enables your online tutoring business to charge more money for every hour of service performed.

This will enable you to achieve the holy grail of any kind of freelancing. What is the holy grail? To get the most amount of money while putting in the least amount of work. That’s the bottom line.

In other words, if you’re going to be spending one hour doing a certain kind of work, you better insist on charging as much money for that unit of time as possible. That’s how you know you have a successful online tutoring business.

Unfortunately, if your skill set is focused on stuff that is fairly generic like math, don’t be surprised if you earn $5 or less per hours. It’s bad enough that you’re offering tutoring services that people who could speak English all over the world can offer, but your lack of a brand makes things worse.

So you have to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. You have to offer a specialized body of knowledge that’s fairly rare and you have to create a brand for yourself. This way, people would seek you out and pay you top dollar. To figure out how this works and how to unleash the power of online marketing so you can build a successful online tutoring business, click here.

You will get a blueprint that would help you set up a successful online marketing program. Turn your spare time into spare dollars.


Seniors’ quick guide to online freelancer income

Seniors’ quick guide to online freelancer income

Many American and European businesses are turning to the internet to find specialized labor. It’s not like they can’t find this labor locally. The problem is when they hire locally, they actually bite off more than they can chew.

Not only do you have to pay a person a full time income, but you also have to pay all sorts of statutory costs. We are, of course, talking about health care, insurance and other additional costs. All these cost add up and it’s no surprise that more and more employers in the United States, whether they be start ups or long established companies, are turning to the internet to find freelancers.

The great thing about freelancers is that you pay them a fixed negotiated rate and once the project is over, they stop doing work for you. It’s quick, it’s easy and there is no administrative or book keeping mess to deal with. That’s not the case with an actual employee in your physical business.

Also, there are many different types of freelancers out there. The main point of distinction is their skill sets and skill levels.

Senior citizens can make good money as online freelancers

If you’re a senior citizen and you’re looking to make money off the internet, you can be a freelancer. It all boils down to how you do it. If you want to be a freelancer offering services that most people who can speak English can offer, it can get depressing really quickly.

If you just want to fill out forms or if you want to be some sort of general all around virtual assistant, it can easily become a race to the bottom. Please understand that these tasks can be performed by a big population of people and they can be performed anywhere on the planet.

Accordingly, people from the Philippines, India and developing countries charge less than $5 per hour for that type of freelance work. If you live in the United States, you can not compete. You should at least charge $25 or at least $50 per hour.

So the key here is not price. If you try to compete based on price, you will lose again and again. Don’t even get started. That is a non-starter.

How to compete online as a freelancer

The key to success is skill specialization. The more specialized the skill and the more high value the skill is, the more money you stand to make. Do you have a legal background? You can write legal articles.

Normal articles that are used for search engine optimization fetch as low as $5 or less per 1000 words. Legal articles written by people with an actual legal background fetch $100 or less per 1000 words. Which would you rather write? Which rate does a better job of compensating for your time? It’s a no brainer.

The same applies to medical information. If you’re a nurse and you know how to write, you can command a pre-significant premium for medical information. There’s a huge demand for these materials. But you have to have the right skills.

The more specialized your skills, the more money you stand to make. That’s the bottom line when it comes to online freelancing. This applies to graphics, this applies to writing, this applies to marketing and this applies to research. So you have to have the right skill sets.

What if you don’t have the skills?

The great thing about the internet is even if you don’t have the skills, you can easily learn them. How? You can go to Udemy or even YouTube. There are all sorts of free coaching programs or low cost coaching programs.

You can learn the information you need through the right courses so you can get the skills people are willing to pay top dollar for. You can also sign up for an online university. You can get an online law degree or even online MBA. It’s all up to you.

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Make no mistake, thanks to the internet, you can make quite a bit of income online. You just have to have the right plan, method and strategy.


Senior citizen’s quick guide to VA online cash

Senior citizen’s quick guide to VA online cash

Usually, when people hear the word “assistant”, they think of some sort of college intern. This person is very young. This person doesn’t make much money. But they have all the enthusiasm in the world. Well, you may be a little bit older. But senior citizens actually make good money as virtual assistants.

You have to understand that as more and more businesses discover the power of the internet to connect with labor, a lot of them are outsourcing digital work. If you are putting up an online business, you probably would need to do research.

You can do this yourself or you can hire somebody to do it for you. If you don’t have the skills to do a task, you can hire somebody through the internet to perform all sorts of tasks for you. The best part to all of this is you don’t have to pay employment taxes, you don’t have to pay workers compensation, plus you don’t have to comply with all sorts of regulatory headaches in your particular state.

Please understand that in the United States, labor regulations vary from state to state. California, for example, has a very restrictive labor and employment code. Other states like Texas are more forgiving. But the good news is when you hire a virtual assistant, all that goes away because that person is your contractor.

They basically do a job for you and once the project is done, that’s the end of the relationship. Compare this with an employer-employee relationship. It can easily turn into headache. It is no surprise that a lot of seniors are hiring themselves out as virtual assistants.

How much money can you make?

Virtual assistants in the United States can make upwards of $50 per hour or more. It all depends on the tasks being assigned. Obviously, you’re not going to take tasks that are low skilled. You’re not going to take tasks that can be automated because if it can be automated, your perspective employer would not approach you in the first place.

They’d just download a piece of software, install a bot and be done with it. Instead, they’re looking for virtual assistants with a specialized body of expertise. In other words, they’re looking to rely on your life experience.

This is how older American VAs blow away the competition. You can not compete against younger virtual assistants by saying, “Well I can do research, I can look for stuff on Google and I can fill out forms.”

Well, let me tell you, everybody can do that. In fact, they don’t even have to be in the United States to do that. Somebody with a decent command of the English language, be they in the Philippines, India or Bangladesh, can do that.

The problem is if that’s the best you can offer, you’re going to have to work for peanuts. Some VAs charge very little money. We’re talking about less than $5 per hour. That is awesome in places like the Philippines and India, but completely unacceptable in the United States where monthly rents in certain areas are north of $5,000.

You have to offer highly specialized services.

Do a skills audit

What are you skilled in? Can you program? Can you code? Do you have a medical background? Do you have a legal background? What kind of specialized knowledge do you have? The more specialized you are, the more money you can command on an hourly basis. That’s the name of the game.

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