10 Reasons You Don’t Need Money To Be Happy And Free

10 Reasons You Don’t Need Money To Be Happy And Free

Money is important, but it’s not THE most important thing in life. For instance, you can be broke and dirt-poor and still be happy. Likewise, you can have all the money and fame in the world but live an unhappy and unsatisfied life.

  1. Money can’t buy love

We crave companionship and love. You can pay someone to spend time with you, but you can’t buy their love. They’ll only pretend to care about you, but the moment the money dries up, you’re on your own.

  • Money can’t buy happiness

You can buy things that can bring you short-term joy, but you can’t ever buy true, long-lasting happiness. Often, it’s the little non-monetary things in life that bring us ultimate joy.

  • Money can easily be lost

You can save and invest your money, but let’s face it, you can just as quickly lose everything when the market crashes. Don’t depend too much on your money. You’ll feel lost when you lose your wealth.

  • Money can’t buy real friends

When the good times roll, you’ll have plenty of ‘friends,’ but they’ll all be gone when the bad times come. You’ll only know who your real friends are when you’ve lost your money.

  • Money can’t buy time

You can hire the best doctors to ensure your good health, but when father time comes calling, then you will go. No one can stop you from dying. So, enjoy what little time we have here on earth and live the life you’ve always wanted.

  • Money can’t get you peace of mind

Money is the root of all evil. Countless lives have been lost because of money. When you’ve got money, you’re always thinking of ways to protect it from thieves and yes, even yourself.

  • Money can’t make you feel complete

What will make you feel complete? Family? Friends? Love? Happiness? All of those can’t be bought with money.

  • Money won’t make you immortal

Vampires (and their immortality) exist only in books and movies. Even the richest people in the world will still die. They can delay their death, sure, but we all know where they’re going to end up eventually.

  • Money can’t buy you a home

You can buy the biggest houses, but you can’t use money to turn it into a home.

  1. Money can’t buy respect

You can buy a position in whatever organization you want to join, but you can’t buy respect. In the end, respect is earned, not bought.

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